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June 13, 2012

posted Jun 14, 2012, 8:53 AM by Olivia Russ

Jamie Carte

Jamie Carte

God said that mankind was to rule on the earth. It WAS and IS His Will that WE, man rule in this earth. Why? Because we are made in His Image! He rules, so He wanted us to be made in His image and rule here on earth! That is why God did not stop the fall of man when Adam and Eve were in the midst of sinning and going against what God had told them not to do. He had given them, man, rulership on the earth, remember, before they sinned He said, “let them rule . . . over all the earth.” And God will always keep His Word! He did it that day and He keeps it now. Adam and Eve had to make the decision; they had the authority to take care of that situation with the serpent (the devil) that day. They could have spoke to the devil and blasted him right out of that garden! But, instead of taking their God given authority and using it against their enemy, they decided to hand it over to him. God had created a perfect place in the garden, everything was joy, peace, no fear, no doubting, no sickness, no shame, no anger, no danger, no lack, no pain, no sorrow . . . NO SIN.

Newburgh Theological Seminary

It was The Kingdom of God in this earth! It was a place where man and God, A Father and His Children walked together. God could be in this place, for it was as... (Continued)