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September 17, 2012

posted Sep 17, 2012, 4:09 PM by Olivia Russ
Overseer Christopher J. Harris
Loyalty To The Standard
Overseer Christopher J. Harris

There were no other options. When my family would shop for certain things, even if there were stores that were closer or even advertised a cheaper price, my folks would more than likely still patronize the place that they had for years. My grandfather kept the same mechanic for thirty plus years. My grandmother shopped at the same grocery stores, only bought fruit from the same fruit distributor, and had the same butcher for countless years. For most years, they only shopped at the same department stores. My mother would never think of using another hairstylist and my father would wait for hours for his barber to become available. With this loyalty, they never questioned the advice or wisdom of these professionals nor even second guessed their prices or service. Businesses long for employee loyalty as it used to be. With such a competitive market, employees will ‘milk’ the company for all that it can get until it is time to move on. The idea of working at a place for more than twenty years seems foreign to our most recent college graduates. Loyalty has changed. It is pretty safe to assume that the idea of loyalty has been redefined over the years.

Newburgh Theological Seminary

When loyalty to something, somewhere, or someone changes, the standard of excellence shifts, mutual trust is evasive, and shared satisfaction deteriorates. And similarly, the same way that... (Continued)