The Lincolnville AME Church Usher Board duty assignments:


Richard Ward:  Head Usher for 1st Sundays
Ed Weathersby
William Watkins
D. Bruce Rogers
Ronnie Farrar



Ed Weathersby:  Head Usher for 2nd Sundays
Brandon Russ
Wilbert Hunter
TreVohn Jeffrey 
Justin Blackman
Allen James  

Joy Martin:  Head Usher for 3rd Sundays
Mary Hoagland
Patricia Hunter
Carl Hooker
Karen Bronson  


William Watkins:  Head Usher for 4th Sundays
Joe Brown
Reddick Cotton
Ronnie Farrar
Cheryl Snypes
Larry Evans
Wilburt Hunter, Sr
Olivia Russ


D. Bruce Rogers: Head Usher for 5th Sundays
Richard Ward
William Watkins
Larry Evans
Ed Weathersby

Usher Board meetings will now be held on Saturdays.
Members of the usher board may serve on their assigned Sunday and also any other Sunday as needed or as they wish to.  Members who are not able to serve on their assigned Sunday are requested to find a replacement from among the other ushers or notify the head of the usher board, Mr Richard Ward  ( 919-212-9931 ), so that a replacement can be located.  Ushers should be at the church by 10:45 AM and be sure that the Head Usher for the day knows they are present.

The Head Usher will be stationed at the door leading to the fellowship hall and will be responsible for dimming the lights for alter call and communion.  The ushers will be sure that alkl choir members receive their programs for the day in the fellowship hall during prayer before the service.